Why Teachers Need A Solution to Easily Transfer Student’s Data Between Applications?

Digitization has improved student access to information and the whole learning process. But it has also meant that the enormous amounts of data that we garner every day remain in silos.


Most often, it is an educator’s or a school official’s task to transfer data between platforms manually.


Today, we use a blend of collaborative software, learning management systems, and various mobile apps to learn. Yet, the information is not easily transferred between these platforms. Educators find it cumbersome to transfer data, and this creates friction in learning and information gaps as well.


Teachers need access to data in order to guide students on their individual learning journeys. The seamless, secure, and controlled exchange of data between applications can give teachers what they need to improve learning opportunities for all students.


Technology’s role in the classroom will only expand. Therefore, the need for data interoperability will also continue to grow.


Talk To Vendors


Administrators should ask vendors what they’re doing to build data security into their products.


When considering new technology products, districts should vet vendors on their openness to interoperability. It’s important to find vendors and data system partners who will listen and respond to your needs as a district. Administrators should ask questions about the support that these data systems offer when it comes to data interoperability before choosing to invest.


School Administrators must know that Data Interoperability can end data silos and allow schools and districts to integrate their SIS (School Information Systems) with other applications to maintain consistency of data and improve learning practices district wide.


Fayette County Public Schools in Kentucky has created a set of questions about data interoperability that district administrators can use as a guide.


If your school is interested on how Data Interoperability can help teachers share student’s data across various applications with ease, click this link to learn more.