Why Schools Must Prioritize Data Security?

Data security is a serious concern and a topic parents and students often ask administrators about.


Many people fear “data interoperability” indicates a centralized storage system that is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Enhanced security is a key benefit of interoperability.


When student data is copied by hand, dispersed through various apps and emailed via CSV files, it is far more vulnerable than it would be if enclosed in a secure system. We have this false assumption that interoperability means putting data all in one place, but it really means secure transfer of the data. When done well, it allows data to be shared in a way that is encrypted when at rest and when in transit. Data interoperability means taking the type of care with the data that bank takes when we do a mobile deposit, or a hospital does with patient information.


To build secure systems, vendors must be on board. “Software providers have a responsibility to be proactive in ensuring data security,” says Jack McDermott, Product Marketing Director at Panorama Education. “For example, our team has collaborated with vulnerability researchers, also known as ‘white-hat’ hackers, to test our systems from the outside in.”


Administrators should ask vendors what they’re doing to build data security into their products.


Fewer logins, automated data transfers and enjoyable experience across platforms are all made possible when integration is done right. Forward-thinking tool like FCS’ Data Interoperability Tool focus on the right balance between scalability and interoperability so that educators can use the platform quickly to its full potential. Send us a message for a free consultation.