What Could Educators Achieve if They Could Leverage Well-connected Data Systems?

What could educators achieve if they could leverage well-connected data systems delivering accurate, actionable, real-time performance information about their students’ learning progressions?

How would the last 18 months look if educators better understood what education technology worked for who and in what context?


If you ask teachers, administrators and curriculum directors what they expect from their technology tools and resources, they would surely state that they want to work easily and seamlessly to provide a great learning experience. The vast array of systems and applications are causing technology itself to be seen as a problem by many teachers.


Data Interoperability can transform the daily life of educators as they view and use the information from multiple source systems—such as student grades, standardized test scores, attendance, discipline/behavior history, and IEP information—in a single, secure dashboard. By reducing complexities and cost and allowing users to toggle from an individual student record to a whole class, Data Interoperability takes the fragments of data held on each platform and makes them easily accessible.


School districts and educators need systems to work together to empower students and their families to have the best opportunity for success throughout their academic journeys.


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